It's the day before Christmas Eve and the day before the day before Christmas Day ☺ let's keep stacking up our precious DOF during the holidays and keep our Freedom in tact, no more day ONE only days WON! ☺

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Dec 23, 2016

I haven't felt like doing much this past week as far as baking goes but maybe when Mason gets here at noon, we will make some shortbread cookies and he can cut them out in Christmas shapes and frosting them, we'll see. It's been 20 yrs today since my sister's first neck surgery and only seven months since her last one, I pray that she'll finally get operated on today, tomorrow we are having my kids, their better halves and all of the grandchildren in and we'll open gifts from each other and have a big feed from pizza Delight, on Christmas Day we will have my mother in law in for Christmas dinner after the service at church and on Boxing Day the 26th we will pick up my Dad and drive the three hrs to the hospital to visit my sister and Lord willing she'll be recouping from surgery and none of this includes the cancer sticks because I don't do that anymore, please protect your quits with your lives because our lives depends on remaining smoke free, wishing each of you a blessed day today and hopefully hassle free but no matter what is happening hang on tight to your quit!