Vigilance will give us a beautiful smoke free life.......

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Oct 20, 2016

I stayed up too late last night watching the debate so this Canadian girl is a little tired and late getting around so I just want to remind me as well as you my friends and fellow Exers to be EXtra vigilant and guard our precious quits with our lives because our lives literally depends on remaining smoke free, so continuing to move forward stacking up our Freedom from the clutches of the dreaded cancer sticks is definitely doable and so very worth it. We all have a choice whether to smoke or not and I choose NOT and so can you even when things in your life seems to be going awlful and you think only one won't hurt well ONE will send you right back to smoking, so NO don't do it, stand firm in your resolve to remain smoke free because smoking kills and quitting can save you a world of pain and suffering, chin up and hang on tight because there's definitely life after cigarettes and it's super fantastic but you must believe in yourself and you can and will be successful! At the end of each day smile because you can say whew another day WON instead of screwing up a perfectly good quit and going back to day ONE isn't an option right? 

Marilyn 829 - DOF - days of freedom :)