Wishing everyone a blessed day ♡

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on May 26, 2016

Being free from the clutches of the dreaded nicotine poison is definitely the best decision that any of us Exers have made in our lifetime, so if you're reading this and are deciding whether to quit or not, why not just bite the bullet and stop playing Russian Roulette with your life, read everything you can find about quitting smoking and remaining quit because there's definitely life after cigarettes and it's super fantastic, quitting is difficult to say the least but it's absolutely doable and vital for our quality of living, I smoked for 40 yrs and have over 22 months of smoke free living the only regret I have is not quitting decades sooner but at least I finally wised up and tossed the yakies away  (((cigarettes))) I have the freedom to do whatever, whenever, wherever and however without worrying about where to find a corner somewhere outside to suck on a killer cancer stick. 

N.O.P.E - NOT One Puff Ever will give you a beautiful life of freedom! 

Marilyn 682 DOF