Have a blessed Sunday everyone ♡☆♡☆♡

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Aug 2, 2015

This morning the air mass feels so much better after the thunderstorms rolled through yesterday. Maybe I can enjoy the patio area for awhile this afternoon and maybe even a barbecue. It was 50 ° F first thing this morning its 55 now an and it's supposed to get into the low 70's, now that's my happy medium for the weather I hope everyones weather will cooperate with you. 384 precious smoke free days for me and counting . Let's  Please protect our hard earned quits today and every day whether you are on day one, day 31 or like me 384 or 3084. We must never under any circumstance become complacent with our hard earned precious quits. As we all know it's so easy in a split second to reach for a sickening cigarette and bam, we would be back at day 1  and kicking ourselves for not remaining vigilant on a daily basis. Let's stay strong and smoke free because life is short so let's enjoy the rest of our lives as Ex smokers ,have a blessed day.