Good evening my fellow Exers ☆ ★ ☆ ★

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Aug 1, 2015

We haven't had power since 3:30 this afternoon and it's 7:35 pm now, I am very thankful that my husband is home because I am on line with his solar power yay. We had quite a thunderstorm with high winds which knocked a tree onto the power lines just up the road from me but we have Solar Power hooked up to the water pump so we have water and we can flush the flush yay for that, hee, hee. If the power doesn't come back on soon, he can hook up the fridge and freezer to the solar power batteries, it's a great set up. This is the first time that we've really used his system and it's super fantastic being able to write a blog with solar power. I hope everyone is having a relaxing evening as I am before long we'll have to turn on the solar lights and maybe check out the TV, I am so thankful that I have 383 wonderful smoke free days under my belt and counting. we're back on the grid , it's now 8:15 pm. It's been quite a day but smoking never entered my mind during the thunderstorm and poor dog Sam scared half to death, I figure smoking is in my past, breathing and living healthier is in my future ,enjoy the rest of your evening my fellow Exers.