Another Gorgeous day shaping up ☆■☆■☆■

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on May 3, 2015

294 DOF today and loving it, lately I've been realizing more than ever what the elders mean when they talk about the changes in the seasons. The beautiful weather finally decided to come to the Maritimes yay. Also with this change comes little bits of lies and deception from the dreaded nicodemon to take a break and have a smoke. I'll never, ever forget the hell of finally being in a good place in my presious quit. That's why we must be extra vigilant and cautious about slipping up, I am so thankful that I don't drink alcohol anymore and it's definitely a good idea to stay away from it or at least watch how much you consume. These little memories of taking a smoke break to reward myself for setting up the patio or whatever is not going to happen, no matter what because I'm going to enjoy my smoke free life and when these thoughts pop into my head, I will smile and say out loud that I don't smoke anymore and continue on with whatever I'm doing. Let's enjoy our new found life without the crutch of the cancer sticks and just watch out and be on guard for these little flashes of memories and twisted lies of sickerettes. Enjoy this beautiful day that we are blessed with.