The calm before the blizzard........

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jan 27, 2015

Good morning everyone, it's dark and dreary looking right now but peaceful.  My husband decided not to go away for the week he'll be working at the shop so that he can be home each night, I am so happy about that. He took yesterday and today for a week end since they worked 13 days straight, anyway I am so happy that he's home it's very doubtful anyone will be going anywhere this afternoon or tomorrow. They canceled school and most businesses for today already. Be safe if any of you live in this blizzard warning, stay home and stay warm and most important smoke free because we can get through these Noreasters and blizzard. I have  water drawn off we have a cook stove in the basement, my husband has a solar system so we have lights and can listen to the radio or watch the news on tv if we want and we'll be warm with the wood furnace. If you don't hear from me tommorrow or for a few days it's only because I haven't got power , I won't be smoking over a blizzard or over anything else stay safe and sound everyone and enjoy the day.