Feb 1st in 2 wks. ....

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Jan 18, 2015

Good morning everyone, I hope that this wk end has been good to each one of you. It was freezing yesterday and today we are back on the roller coaster weather and temps above freezing. Snow changing to rain this afternoon, evening and tomorrow and then another freeze up yay for winter -----NOT----I am so ready for Spring. But I have no choice but to deal with this crazy weather pattern that we are in, I will suck it up and stay dry and warm. 189 days of freedom from smoking today, now that makes me very happy. Enjoy the day everyone and stay smoke free because we are all stronger than the cravings or urges we must say to ourselves that we don't smoke anymore and mean it and continue on with this day that we are blessed with.