time to kick the tobacco into oblivion

Blog Post created by Marilyn.H.July.14.14. on Aug 3, 2014

Where to start , I was 15 when I met the guy I would marry after 10 months of dating so married at 16. We had our daughter when I was 18 and our son when I was 23 our marriage ended when I was was a very abusive marriage 13 yrs was enough . then I met the man I'm with today . We've been together 25 yrs married first marriage involved some drinking but mostly pot smoking, this marriage no pot but alcohol. August 14th will be 3 and a half years of sobriety. I'm a recovering alcoholic. My husband still drinks daily but I chose to live about a month before I quit drinking I took a heart attack, but didn't know it for almost 5 months the hospital was crazy busy when my husband took me to the hospital after the attack, I didn't know what was happening I thought I was dying for a few minutes my husband way starting to dial 911 when the pain started to subside, anyway afer 7 hrs a Dr came in to see me I was so weak and tired I couldn't think of anything to say to him I doubt if he read my chart . The nurse put me 3rd on the list to be seen my blood pressure, pulse and heart rate were way off, while we weretthere 3 ambulances came through and I man died while we were there so it snows how I got overlooked anyway I kept going back to the emergency and finally I got mad and said is it normal to have all these systems so he set up the echo cardiagram, I think I spelled that right anyway it showed up a heart attack the cardiologist figured it was alcohol related 7 days a week from 2 pm until bedtime for 20 yrs a pint of hard liquor most days . since I quit drinking my heart is good I also had peptic ulcers, which would put me in a fetal position in excruciating pain when drinking, I wised up and chose life my ulcers are completely healed and has been for a couple of years now. My husband has quit smoking cigarettes it's been over 4 months now he had an emphysema scare . I flunked a breathing test mild Copd I'm not on any puffers I believe I'm quitting smoking in time to have some quality of life and enjoy the grandsons and family. February 14th 2015 will be 4 yrs of sobriety. I pray July 14th 2015 I will be celebrating 1 year of being cigarette free. I really hope this blog is ok I never ever think about my life especially the bad yrs way back.i blocked those years out except my children of course they kept me going. I think I am finished for now , please stay with me thank you.