I am sorry

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Oct 16, 2020

Sorry that I have not been around for the past several weeks. Its been a busy time for the family. 

I have not smoked and have no intention of smoking, just a FYI. I did have a MS relapse that was pretty horrible, but am back in remission now and am doing well.


We have a 40 yr old family member recently diagnosed with stage 4 Spine Cancer. He will be lucky to be around for the Holidays...they give him a year. He has a beautiful wife who is our daughter in laws twin sister and 3 children. 


I have the children more than I used to so on the days I dont have them I am working at Hospice or catching up in my gardens winterizing them and planting some bulbs and keeping up with normal chores.  I have not had time to paint and intend to get back to that soon as well.


Because of Covid and because I have the little ones so much I really dont go out much so I dont catch it and give it to them.


Anyway, just wanted too stop by and say hello. I PROMISE I will be back here in full swing soon once I get caught up outside.


I love you all and think of you everyday. Thank you for the ones who have messaged me and sent me their love and prayers. Sometimes extended time from this site, is necessary  anyway....but I will be back and painting Elders again soon. I have commixed work I have to get done first though.


Your all dear to me in my prayers often. See ya soon. XOXOXOXO