Why it is so hard to quit and what you can do to make your quit stick

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Jun 5, 2020

Becoming smoke free is hard.


I never thought it could/would be possible. I felt it totally unobtainable for me because I failed over and over again when I began my MANY quits.


I chewed the gum, sucked the lozenges, tried the patch and the meds...and every other thing I could think of.


So how did I do it? I finally decided to see exactly what it was about Nicotine that kept me in its claws and once I understood lifted a heavy weight of burden and applying everything I was learning on this site finally made sense and became manageable.


Every time you take Nicotine into your system your brains receptors light up like Christmas trees. In doing so....your brains chemistry is responding to the drug and stimulated to be conditioned to set you up for the next crave. Thats it.


Thats what got me. Hook-Line and Sinker. This Hell I was putting myself would never stop until I stopped putting the drug into my system.

It made it clear for me. Thats what it took and that's when my fight began because I don't give up easy for something I am passionate about and I truly wanted the freedom from smoking.


Its yours for the taking. You will have crap days but you will have crap days anyway, so come on. Start planning your quit. Put yourself first and live longer.

We are here for you. 


TGIF and N.O.P.E.


(Storms here ) They will NEVER see me smoke or smell it on me because I quit and you can to.