Don't know what to call it.....

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 16, 2020

It's been a beautiful day, yet here I am feeling melancholy. Storm is gone. Got my garden in this after noon. Have been on a writing spree as of late. I get that way sometimes, how I allow my emotions resonate. I have had my Mother in law on my heart most the afternoon, missing her so. Little things reminding me, making me think I need to call her only to remember, I can't. Like a Mother to me ,she was. I felt honored to have her as my Mother in law for 40 years.

So heres tonights thoughts as I listen to Don Henley sing " Theres a hole in the world tonight"( By the Eagles). Yes...there is.....but now there's a beautiful addition on Heaven.  Still....I miss her.


Where then your mood follows an

Undesired gloom 

Forsought ~ 

I dream


Beautiful blooms


Being wary of the path 

I choose

In case it challenges

Me unaware

And drives me out of stay

Stranded- doomed



In a land left forsaken

Idle ~seemingly

Without care

Feels much like immortal destitute,

Residing there 


Should I bequeath

A simple thought

If only my


Could desire it so

So it is this….

I allow hope

For the morrows 

New day

And with this

I am okay