A Successful Quit begins at the bottom

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on May 8, 2020

When you have finally become sick and tired of being sick and tired.


When you are ready to quit practicing defeating behavior that promotes your desire to smoke.


When you become  willing to explore the many blogs on this site of successful quitters and lean on them for guidance and support


When you are willing to take the time to TRULY UNDERSTAND all the dimensions of a crave and this addiction 

When you are tired of failing and quitting ‘Your way’.


When you say “ I GIVE UP-HELP-I CAN’T DO THIS ANYMORE’….Then you open the door to the top and begin to climb up….


Put another way: When  a candle is lit…if you keep trying to touch the flame, you will burn your finger.

One must stop putting finger into flame to avoid burn.

The burn takes time to heal. And as many know, once burned that skin is always more sensitive. So it if gets burned again….it takes longer to heal.

Same with quitting smoking.


Then there’s this…

My twin grand-daughters who are near 2-1/2….think if they just scream at the top of their lungs, I will ‘give in’ and give them whatever it is they are screaming for.

 Well for an instance this works and they stop but then they have learned that each and every time they want something from me all they need to do is SCREAM.


So I have quit feeding the screaming and guess what?  They are learning its not working anymore. Go Figure.


Quitting smoking is much like ignoring the screaming   and the more you run to the fill  the need of the scream or the crave…., the more it craves attention/fed


It will be hard before it gets easier, thats a given. But thats why you have all of us. We can suggest what we did to get through the really bad days. We all had them. While some of us quit cold turkey or used gum or patches,……we went through it. We ALL experienced good/bad days. Latch on to someones journey thats similar to yours, Many journeys on this site that are all successful. You have to design your own journey but designs are created by ideas and thoughts put in our brain that will apply to us and help us and make us.


So my friend. If you are struggling, chin up. We are here to help you through the struggle. If you persist you will get through. ( I leaned heavily on God when I quit, when I finally reached 'my personal bottom' and I am certain He will help you also if you ask)


Best to you and your quit. TGIF this is a good day to quit :)


Twins only screamed once today. They got over it, you will too :)