Thank you EVERYONE ~EYE am ok. lol

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Feb 17, 2019

Home safe and sound . Won't forget that vacation for awhile but we still had a great time. Still have some fuzzy vision out of that eye but no more double vision. So still won't be online much till that's all resolved, but had to stop by quickly to tell ALL OF YOU, how much I appreciated the prayers and thoughtful comments to elvan post. You are all so incredible and wonderful to me.


I will be posting more as vision continues to improve. Now the colors are really 'popping' on my eye, although the brunt of the hit was above my eyebrow....the lid has the most color, which is normal. The yellow green colors are coming out more...I tried to cover it with makeup and that was a mistake. It hurt more taking it off. No more of that.

I feel worse for the looks people give my hubby....honestly....we were in line recently at the Ringling Museum and this lady turns around and just started me down for what seemed like FOREVER. I smiled at her and WANTED TO SAY "Really?...You should see the other person". But I didn't and she stopped staring, lol.


Anyway, all is well. We are fine. I just feel like a klutz. Better days ahead and I am NOT smoking over it Life goes on...

xoxolove to all~Missy