Hiatus from Ex for awhile

Blog Post created by Mandolinrain on Sep 11, 2017

So finally the time has arrived and the move is just s few weeks away. The Movers arrive to load up this house on the 6th of October and then deliver to the new house on the 7th.


Meanwhile major packing is going on and I am going to start to take smaller things over to new house by end of this week. I have not even started in the horse barn and not looking forward to that, ugh!!!


Therefore I will be absent from here for awhile. I may pop in for a quick look in the evenings now and then, just depends, theres so much I have to do. 


I WILL KEEP PROTECTING MY QUIT, NO WORRIES THERE! I serve an AWESOME GOD who I spend time with often to help keep me in check and my hubby of nearly 38 years who also is my champion and best friend.


Love all of you and will be back full time after the move and the internet is up and running.


xoxoMissy- 1105 DOF