Have You Stopped "Smoking"?

Blog Post created by Ladybug--7-3-12 on Aug 3, 2019


Have you stopped “smoking”?


When you take a “hit” or "puff" off a marijuana “cigarette” are you smoking?


When you Vape or inhale on a E-Cig “cigarette” are you smoking?


Here’s the thing. It really doesn’t matter what you call it … smoking or vaping or inhaling or taking a “hit” or a "puff" … your lungs only need & function best when taking in fresh, clean air into them. If you choose to smoke/inhale/vape/puff on any substances, I hope they do not include any addictive substances like nicotine in their mix. I am & will always be totally on the side of our lungs which does not like or need any of that “stuff”.


Living in a state where marijuana is completely legal for recreational use (plus of course for medicinal purposes & growing plants) I will say that there are other ways to use it if this is your choice besides smoking it. I hope you choose the alternatives to bypass your lungs. Your lungs will thank you. The oils, topicals, edibles DO have a beneficial purpose IMO (although I personally have not medicinally used them … yet lol.)


If you choose to Vape or use an E-Cig (with or without nicotine) is the reason because you just don’t want to quit smoking or believe that you can? In order to quit smoking you really DO have to quit smoking. I hope you don't exchange one addiction for another. Believe in yourself. It’s doable. Don’t settle for less than total freedom from all the “stuff”.


I’m still in healing & recovery mode. I owe it to my myself & my lungs to continue to reap ALL the benefits from my quit. I hope you choose to do so too. Best Wishes.