Physical Activity Relapse Trap

Blog Post created by Ladybug--7-3-12 on Apr 8, 2019



An addiction is an addiction but all addictions are also NOT exactly the same. Some are socially acceptable, some affect only you, some are visible and some are not; some have dire consequences, some are good for you and some are bad.


I can never have just one ‘Cookies N Cream Hershey kiss (lol).  If I have one, numbers 2 & 3 will quickly follow.  If I refrain from having one though it is easier not to have any.  I have never been able to have just one.  A chocolate addiction fortunately only mostly affects the person who eats it.   It can become addictive in a bad way.


Sometimes its hard to keep physically active during the winter time.  Once I get myself out the door into the fresh air & start off on a 10k walk it is so invigorating, both physically & mentally, that I am glad I made the choice to just do it.  I have found that if I say no one day that it is easier to say no the next day too and if I’m not careful it will become my “go to” choice.  On the other hand, a 10k walk done one day helps me choose it again the next day too.  It can become addictive in a good way.


We all know those addictions that are not good ones for ourselves, others in our life, or for society.    Alcohol, cocaine, heroin, prescription drugs, excessive on-line presence, gambling, shopping, and overeating to name a few.  


Addictions love to piggy back onto other addictions.  If you get one under “control” another one likes to bulge out.  Dual diagnoses are common. Addictions cannot be cured only arrested so it is not uncommon to extinguish one (let it become dormant) and then see another one previously not a problem (or even known) come to the surface with a vengeance.  


Physical exercise/activities can become a good addiction but … ever notice that those who choose to only exercise exclusively to redirect themselves away from smoking have a hard time or even relapse when they are physically compromised.  Smoking thoughts become rampant in their minds again as a good “go to” soothing choice.  Often they relapse back to smoking when their chosen physical activity is no longer an option whether it’s only temporary or permanent (ie walking, running, biking, etc.)


Replacing smoking behavior with healthy physical endeavors is great but don’t forget to include activities that you can do for the rest of your life if you become limited in your mobility.  Things like meditation, listening to music, knitting, taking a class, reading, playing an instrument, whatever you are interested in learning, doing & spending your time with that you can continue to do if you become incapacitated (now or later in life; temporarily or permanently).  


It’s important, because if we are fortunate enough to age our status will most likely change, mentally and physically.  Interests & activities should be in place which allow us to make a peaceful transition so we can stay on the road to Freedom when life changes things up for us.  Expect it.  Plan for it.  Keep yourself safe from relapse.