This Very Wise Elder.....

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Jun 12, 2018

Today We Celebrate!

Our Organizer, Coordinator & Planner who is a rarity

She dot's all the I's and crosses every T'

A Gentle Butterfly but still a Busy Bumble Bee 


Kathy's quit has just turned 8

So today we're going to celebrate!

Let's Give a Shout out to our very own

Our Butterfly/Busy Bee aka Strudel, Kathy Sloan


Before we start could someone please explain?

How Kathy got her username?

And what in the world she meant?

That "semi-cold turkey " was the way she quit?

Today we Celebrate! Strudel

There is no question that the EX family is very important to Kathy.  As with our gentle butterfly, her actions speak loud and clear. Kathy is consistently steadfast in showing her support.   As a retired Special Education Teacher her love for humanity spells over into this community.  To Kathy, big things are small and small things are big.   After 8 years she is here every day to congratulate, comment and express words of wisdom and support.  Most of her blogs are congratulatory for celebrations and cheering someone else on to motivate, inspire and empower.  Kathy also loves to share a laugh.  She gains joy and a twinkle comes into her eye when she sees that others are happy. Her consideration of others is her DNA.

Busy as a bee Kathy works tirelessly to help plan, organize and coordinate the EX Reunions.  Her attention to detail in making sure that everything is "just right" creates a memorable event.  Kathy is a determined soul to "get it right the first time".  Kathy analyzed, evaluated, planned, prepared, and has executed a successful quit for 8 years.  Each day she continues to give back to this community in so many ways.  Kathy as the Elder exudes wisdom with a voice of reassurance, confidence, strategy, and care. Today let's celebrate Kathy for her dedication to the EX community.  Kathy, there is no one like you.  You are uniquely made. We love you back. Enjoy your day. 


Break the connection - and thank you! Never too late!