The nicotine spirit

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Dec 8, 2016

Beware of the nicotine spirit.  This spirit is like no other. It latches on to you and does not want you to be free. It is visible and comes in many forms.  It is deceptive and can transform itself into a cigarette, chewing tobacco, rolling tobacco, snuff, a pipe, cigar or e-cigs.  You can buy it, bum it, or butt it. It will try to get others to seduce you to use it. Do not be fooled if you use it you can become addicted to the spirit.  

You can taste it.  It comes in many flavors with additives just to fool you to think that it taste good.  So Do Not put one in your mouth.  It has a terrible odor, so don’t breathe it, go in the opposite direction and run from it.

 It does not walk on its own.   It is transported by hand, pockets, purses, clutches, bags, totes, and cases.  Once it is lit it takes on the form of smoke.   Beware of the smoke it can over power you.  It will make you cough, choke, spit, and will damage your lungs.  So NOPE  As long as you do not touch or breathe it you are safe. 

Beware at times it takes on a voice and will try to get in your head to tell you “just one” won’t hurt. This spirit is a liar.  Don’t be fooled don’t let it out talk you.  Use your self talk  tool and it will disappear every time.  Tell that spirit to go back from whence it came.  Tell that spirit, “you don’t do that anymore. So dont' give up don't give in choose freedom.  683 dof