I love this place called EX

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Sep 21, 2016

I really like this place called EX. 

I can blog here comment and express

My passion, worries, life’s goals and my fears

About quitting smoking I can bring them here 

Never had the notion that this place exist.

Where I can bear my soul and learned to take risk.

This is not just a place to be free

This is a place where I want to be

Someone is always here to listen to me  

If I need a hug, there are lots to go around

My friends at EX can make a smile out of a frown

We have gained true friendships that we hold dear.

Like those newbies who started with me

I call them my lifetime quit buddies

Not behind nor in front but side by side.

With the elders here as our guide

Forging ahead, together hand in hand,

Telling each other yes we can. 

Lifting each other up so we can all stand

Someone may hear me scream

Even if it is just a smokemare dream

At the end of the day, come what may

We can agree to disagree

Our goal is to remain smoke free.

I am so grateful for my EX family

I really love this place call EX.


*I love you guys,  Peace out!