It's Easier than what we think.

Blog Post created by JACKIE1-25-15 on Mar 15, 2015

Like taking the training wheels off of a bicycle.  Or your parent finally lets go so you balance your bicycle on your own. Or releasing your hand while on your first pair of skates. They no longer have to sit close to the wheel while you are learning to drive a car.  Yes we had our fears in life but when we finally were on our own it brought us so much joy and a great since of accomplishment.

Now we have dealt with letting the nicotine/tobacco/cigarette go.  It feels good. It is not as bad as we thought it could be.  Yeah we may have had a few sleepless nights, headaches, cravings, urges and even gaineda few pounds but we are much better off healthwise and feeling a great sense of accomplishment.  We are no longer trapped.  "Just saying, it ain't all that bad".  It is worth it. So let's continue to move forward knowing we can do this without a doubt.

Have a smoke free day I am, day 49 but not really counting.

I am a non smoker