Blog Post created by IrishRose on Oct 21, 2018

I lost everything, but the good news is that I had everything backed up before I proceeded with the process of going back to Windows 7.  With back flashes this week of when I used to smoke to solve any problems facing me, I still did not go there.  Still smokefree.


It's just like when you quit smoking and begin your journey of a smokefree life, you have to take baby steps to be sure you do not fall.  With that said, you guys are the first ones I have been reaching out to as I get this computer back to working great again.  So, today when you see me babbling on, just remember, I am in test mode to see what is working and what is not.


Special thanks and big ((((hug)))) to jonescarp.aka.dale.Jan_2007 for being awake and talking to me yesterday morning before I embarked on switching from Windows 10 to 7.  My computer was not compatible with 10.  I had to go back to 7.  Just his mere presence and support gave me the final  push I needed to just do it!!!


When I logged on this morning, I was unable to do a bunch of things, including the ability to post a blog, but I did see my buddies here who had left me notes of encouragement on my blog from yesterday.  The next time I logged on, I was able to at least "like" those comments.  Now, I must move forward to get things loaded, like my mail, an important component.  I started with nothing, but I will get things straightened out.


Love you guys,

Irish Rose