Make Quitting Your Passion

Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Nov 19, 2018

What do you love to do? What subject do you read everything you can get your eyeballs on? What motivates and engages your avid attention? What makes you curious and question and seek to find answers? It could be cooking - new recipes - or new crafting techniques, parenting, or it could be sports, or politics, or technological inventions... Whatever it is that you spend time and energy and thought and attention on - that’s the kind of focus and attention and curiosity that will help you overcome this addiction.


You need to become fascinated with quitting. It needs to become your focus in life. (MOO - my opinion only) Not forever, just until you “get there.” And what I mean by “get there” is - until you get to the point where you’re not suffering over the choice, that decision you’ve made; where every thought isn’t about how you want a cigarette; where you don’t even consider smoking in your life any more. That’s called Freedom.  That’s what all smokers who want to quit wish to experience. And I think in order to do so, becoming fascinated with the subject, isn’t a bad thing.


So become fascinated with quitting. And become fascinated with your own personal journey in regards to it. It’s a deep inner self-looking journey. There is so much discovery and thus so much potential for growth. But that kind of “inner looking” takes courage. And hard truth. I hope you have or gain that in this process.


It’s when we understand the emotional excuses we make, that we can overcome those excuses and thence overcome this addiction.


I hope all who are new at this journey discover the fascination with the process and make it your passion. As one who is passionate about the Freedom we attain from quitting - I want YOU to have what I feel. It’s amazing.


Never give up.