Let's Chat!

Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Oct 28, 2015



Don’t know if this will work, but for anyone who has the time and is interested, let’s try to do a community chat on Google Hangouts.  
Let’s experiment in stages.  First I’d like to try with those who already have a gmail account and have Google Plus.  (Both are free and you must have Google Plus in order to use Hangouts.  It's an easy download.)  If you don’t want to use your regular gmail account, it’s a snap to set up another one just for this purpose and for this community hangout.  If you need help with that, let me know.  
If you’re already familiar with Google Hangouts, that’s a boon.  Shawn and I have used it briefly once (not together).  If you’re not familiar with it (it too is free), I think I can help you download it.  You will need to download another small plug-in along with it  to make it work. (Unless you're using Chrome, then I believe you don't need the additional plug-in.)  Google makes it real easy to do this.
All those in this first step who are interested let me know here or in a PM and I’ll try to help everybody through the process and coordinate a convenient time for the hangout.  Maybe Halloween as a fun sidebar to Shawn & Smorgy’s Bonfire?
To begin with let’s just keep it to chat (not video).  Once we get the hang of it, we can add in the video.
If you ARE interested, PM me your gmail address and I’ll add it to my list of contacts and also give you mine.
As a novice at this bear with me.  If you have knowledge about using Hangouts - please share it!
I’m game.  Are you?