Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Apr 28, 2015

Whether you're just thinking about quitting, are a newbie on your first few terrified days, have a couple of months under your belt, are stuck in No Man's Land, or are an Elder.  Sing this song in your hearts and you cannot fail.




NOPE, by Giulia


Well I - don’t smoke
‘Cause I’m - no dope
When a craving comes around,
turns my smile into a frown
I just say - NOPE
I can - cope


Well I - don’t vape
Don’t need that dumb escape
Won’t buy a pod or Juul
‘Cause I ain’t nobody’s fool
I shout it - NOPE
I can cope


Well I - don’t grieve
‘Cause I - am not deceived
If temptation makes me blue
I just think of all of you
And I say - NOPE
You give me - hope


Well I - am not a slave
For I - will never cave
I don’t do that any more
walked right out, locked the door
By sayin’ - NOPE
I can - cope


Now smokin’s in my past
This quit is gonna last
Never did like that Day One
And I’m tellin’ you I’m done!
I mean it - NOPE
I can cope


Well I - am now an EX
It’s really - not complex
With a little bit of Grace
keep them away’ from yo face
By saying NOPE
I can cope
I’ve got hope

I won’t mope
I’m no dope
I .... don’t.... smoke