Blog Post created by Giulia Champion on Dec 15, 2011

 This Dec.  15, 2011?
Are you contemplating quitting?  Know you can.  Read blog after blog on here.  You’ll see that possibility and reality  being manifested all over the place.
Are you wondering if you can make it?  You can.  Look at all  of us on here who are.  Again I say - read.
Are you thinking about cigarettes?  Stop it.  Now.  Change your focus.  Get away from those thoughts.  They are not good for you.  They are harmful.  Like smoking is.  Get up.  DO SOMETHING other than think about the elephant in the corner.
Have you quit but are fragile in it?  Then strengthen it.  Know that if you can make it through today, tomorrow you will awaken with another day smoke free behind you.  That’s a blessing.  And an encouragement.  Give yourself that.  You’ve come this far.  Don’t relinquish that portion of the journey by caving in to that STUPID, mindless craving  monster.  It has no intelligence.  You do.  That’s why you’re here reading this blog!  Lol
Are you about to quit your quit?  Well - that decision is totally yours.  I can’t help you with that one if you are determined to go in that direction.  I can only tell you, it’s not worth it to give up what you’ve earned through hard work and perseverance.  You know better.  Will you act on that knowledge?  That “knowing better” or not?  The choice is yours.  I hope, from the bottom of my heart that you make the wise decision and not the easy one.  The easy one will not get you forward.  The easy one will take you back to square one. 
What are you doing tonight?  Are you protecting your quit?  I am.  And I have protected it for 5 years, 9 months, 14 days, 17 minutes and .....the seconds are ticking along as I write.