Holiday Alphabet Game

Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Dec 11, 2018

I think we are a very cosmopolitan group: from many descents, from many religious beliefs, from different countries, first time immigrants (I know one, really well  ), speaking different languages.

How about we try to learn more about our friends while speaking about our own traditions, in our native language using the Alphabet Game.

Hoping many would like to play, I would love to find out more about my EX friends, their gatherings, holiday dates and traditions around them, including but not limited to food

So here it is: 

AJUN the night before Christmas day, Romanian word meaning the day which precedes an event, or Eve.  Traditionally  we celebrate Christmas Eve, people attend the evening mass, they go around singing carols, then have dinner, Santa stops by, then presents are being opened.  

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Roxana Raita - În 'ia seară de Ajun - YouTube