Blog Post created by Daniela-3-11-2016 on Dec 5, 2018

Impatient as a kid on Christmas morning, I can’t wait to celebrate my 1,000 Days of Freedom! 


But 999 seems such an interesting number, I decided to blog about it, rather than wait for the 1,000.


To tell you the truth, I went to bed early last night, finally slept 7 1/2 h and decided to spend the time I got in my hands before heading to work, with YOU.


Because I would not be counting my 999 DOFs if it were not for YOU.

And I know, I know, we each own our Quit, and nobody can quit for us, but quitting alone, without YOU, is not something I wish on any smoker who decided to quit.


So this blog is not about my milestones, not about the difficult first month, or the confusion, and frustration sometimes experienced through NML, or the journey after that.

Because at every step of my quit, and I say it out loud, my last quit, I had, and still have YOU.


Our relationship evolved from the first day I joined, much as my quit evolved.


There were times when I felt left out (but that was mostly about me learning some new “old” English, which while old enough to know it, I don’t know it because I came here in my early 40’s).  Little by little, you learned me, who I am, and accepted me, with my flaws, and you keep teaching me every day: about quitting, about honesty, family, friendship, love and respect.


I am not going to name anyone in particular, YOU know who you are, who never let me down when I needed help, who laughed at my jokes or my innocence when it came to understanding jokes, who are friends, parents, teachers to me, YOU are my people.  It is here I come every day (more often, way more often than I go to the office), I just wish we were closer by distance and we could meet personally, and I could hug YOU and say Thank you looking into your eyes.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for changing my life for the better.  I have my own health challenges, like we all do, but I am working on them as an EX!


And I will be coming back, for as long as I can, to give back to the community who gave me a new life as an EX!


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