The Awakening

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Mar 18, 2019

~~Take all the time you need, Sweet Soul, because we don't get anywhere quicker by rushing the process of our healing, of our self-loving, of our freedom.  We get nowhere meaningful in haste.  So ignore the noisy beeping of the world around you, the shoving, the busying, the stressing.  Take all the time you need to gather your thoughts, to have time to exhale and process your feelings because knowing yourself, feeling yourself, that is truly the most important thing.  And just keep being you.  Keep on the journey of being more and more you because it's beautiful.  Because you're just beautiful.  Every inch of you awakening to you is just beautiful.~~  S.C. Lourie


Jake and I had to go to Panama City today (Southport to be exact) to get his trombone repaired.  We hadn't been down Hwy 77 since before the hurricane and I was prepared to see a difference.  I was unprepared, however, to see areas of Southport that looked as if the hurricane had hit a week ago instead of 5 months ago.  Buildings and homes destroyed and still sitting there abandoned, fallen, broken.  Most of the tree line gone.  Piles of debris stacked 10 feet tall.  I made a comment to that effect to the business owner taking Jake's trombone.  He simply nodded and said that healing from the hurricane would take time.  The rest of America may have forgotten and assumed that Panama City was back to normal, but it is a new normal.  This man lost his place of business so is now working out of the back of his home.  People are living in travel trailers and even tents while they send their kids to school and go to work.  If you can't find your favorite lunch spot anymore, you simply find a new favorite spot and continue on.  The people of Panama City make it all work.


Welcome to the world of healing, dear quitters.  Each and everyone one of us has been through our own hurricane of sorts.  Quitting can beat us down, hold us back, and totally exhaust us.  Sooner or later, we need to heal.  To slow down and recognize what smoking AND quitting have done to us.  Take all the time you need to feel out your new world.  Feel out the new you.  All that you that was buried beneath your need to smoke.  Have patience and know that not only is your body healing, but so is your world.  Everything you used to do revolved around your addiction.  Now you're flying solo and it can be unsettling.  What do you do now when something upsets you?  What do you do when your bored?  Celebrating?  Feel yourself out and allow yourself the time you need to figure things out. Gather all your broken parts and piece yourself together as you heal until you are your new normal.  Different yet better.  Fragile yet whole.


Hurricanes are damaging but the human spirit cannot be held down forever.  I witnessed that today and I lived through it myself with my own quit.  We will survive.


Blessings to you and yours