The Color of Thoughts

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jan 17, 2019

~~The soul becomes dyed with the color of it's thoughts.~~  Marcus Aurelius


I know you feel discouraged.  Worn out.  Fragile.  

I know you feel no one understands what's going on in your head, in your body, or in your world.

We keep saying "Just hold on" when you want to let go.  We keep saying "One step at a time" when you are on your knees crawling as you have no energy to walk.


It may feel like quitting is as isolating as smoking.  No one understands YOUR pain, YOUR feelings, YOUR fears.  No one hears what you're saying.  No one has really helped.


During those times especially, you need to turn inward.  Turn towards yourself for comfort, for strength, for courage.  Know yourself and understand that you have everything you need for a successful quit within you.  The rest of it...the readings, the websites, the supportive friends....is all extra bonuses.  Yet the true hero of your quit journey is you.


Now you may be so filled with fears and doubts and insecurities that you forget just what a brilliant soul you are.  But you have survived every bad time, every trauma, every crisis, every heartbreaking moment up to this point. And you haven't just survived; you've thrived, you've grown, you've shined.  Sometimes you've had companionship and support on your journeys, sometimes not.  But you've always had you.


So at the risk of sounding cheesy, allow yourself to take care of yourself.  If you need pampering, pamper yourself.  If you need to cry, allow yourself tears.  If you need to collapse into a heap on the floor, cushion yourself with pillows.  Because every time you take care of yourself, you win.  Every time you take your needs seriously, you flourish.  And every time you listen to your soul, you soar. 


We will be here, of course.  But when the computer is down and your family is asleep, you still have you.  And that should not be dismissed!  You have held yourself up for....how many years?  You are amazing even when 'weak'.  You are brave even when 'scared'.  You are brilliant always.  Your soul continues to shine enough to so you can see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Allow yourself to be led out of the darkness....by you.