Second Attempts

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 9, 2018

~~Your second attempt does not have to look like your first.~~  Cassandra


When doing yoga, your left side may not respond to poses as your right side does.  It's to be expected.  Sometimes we use props like blocks and straps to get the benefits of the pose.  Sometimes we just ease up on one side so we don't injure ourselves.  Sometimes we angle differently or move differently or even become still differently.


Same thing with a quit, dontcha think?  If we relapse, we don't have to go back into our quit the same way we did the first time.  Maybe this time we'll use a NRT.  Maybe this time we'll ease up on the self-doubts.  Maybe we will restructure our routine.  Maybe we'll use humor.  Maybe we'll use our supports.


The possibilities are endless!!  Isn't that exciting?!  Isn't it freeing?!  You can create your quit to be anything you need it to be.  You can use gratitude in the morning, physical activity in the afternoon, and support in the evening.  You can use butterscotch candies, hot tea, cinnamon sticks, bubbles.  You can use visualizations, deep breathing, meditation.  You can laugh, sing, dance, jump rope, swim, garden, hike, roller skate.  You can use perfumes, lotions, oils, scented candles.  You can phone a friend, poll the audience, lean on family, utilize ex.


And when and if your quit doesn't stick, you can change it.  Learn from your mistake and bypass it during this quit.  Decide what works for you and what doesn't.  You don't have to use an NRT.  You don't have to avoid people.  You don't have to be stoic and bravely silent.  You don't have to fail.


And when it works, keep it.  Nurture it.  Pamper it.  Your quit is like your baby and you get to raise it on your terms in your way.  Own it, commit to it, and block any attempt by your brain to lose it.  Your quit is the best thing that you can give yourself.  Freedom from addiction is priceless.  You deserve it.  Make it count.