Take a Chance

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jul 26, 2018

~~Take chances, take a lot of them.  Because honestly, no matter where you end up and with whom, it always ends up just the way it should be.  Your mistakes make you who you are.  You learn and grow with each choice you make.  Everything is worth it.  Say how you feel, always.  Be who you are and be ok with it.~~  Unknown


Not quite ready to quit yet?  Maybe had a 'slip' or two?  Maybe wondering if you are one of those 'serial quitters'?  Maybe all those voices in your head are convincing you that you are a mess and can never quit successfully?


Take a chance. Honestly.  Take a chance that everything you think about quitting is wrong and you CAN do it.  Take a chance that you ARE brave enough and strong enough and wise enough to quit.  Take a chance that your family and friends and neighbors are wrong and you will not go through life with a cigarette in your hand.


Take a chance that you know you better than those ugly little voices of gloom in your head.  Take a chance that you are ok with who you are and you don't have to become what you're not to quit.  Take a chance that your life will be oh, so much better without your addiction dictating your days.  


Take a chance that you really do believe you are worth it.  Worth the quit, worth the uncomfortables, worth the time.  Take the chance on you.


You learn and grow with each choice you make.  There is no failure.  There is no losing.  There is growing and strengthening and learning just how perfect you actually are.


Anyone can quit.  But no one can quit for you.  And no one can quit with your flair and unique perspective.  So it's time to take that chance.  Everything is worth it.