You, the Reader

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jul 16, 2018

~~Sometimes quiet people do have a lot to say....they're just being careful about who they open up to.~~  Susan Gale


I know you are here reading posts.  You are here looking for education, for support (even silent), for help.  Because you want to quit smoking.  Just like those who come here and make friends, shine their light, or become 'regulars' on the site.  Some people call you a 'lurker'.  Those who come here but say nothing.  I call you a reader.


Maybe you read because you just want to quit.  You don't need to make friends.  You don't need to share your story.  But you want to quit.  And I applaud you!  All the help and education and tools you need really are here.  So take what you need and run with it!!


Maybe you read because you are terrified of computers or putting yourself out on the internet.  You don't know how to press the right button or hit the right highlight or just find the right keyboard keys.  Relax and try it out!!  You really can't break the internet or the site.  And the ex administrators are a big help if you need them!  Sharing your story actually can help us help you quit.  The more we understand you as a person, the more we can assist you gain the tools you need to keep your wonderful quit healthy and strong.


Finally, maybe you read because you got the news that you have cancer....or COPD....or emphysema....or any one of a host of smoke related illnesses.  And you just need to quit forever.  No frills, no dipping your toes in the quit pool.  But you just need to get it done.  And you can't share that personal information because you haven't yet even processed it.  You picked the right site to give you the tools you need to stick your quit.


Regardless of the reason you are a reader rather than a writer, I'm so glad you are here!!  I am so glad you are taking control of your life!!  I am so glad that you are serious about educating about yourself about quitting!!  You don't have to speak here to get noticed.  I know you're here because I used to read, too. 


Reading helps.  You can learn about triggers, tools, coping, and addiction.  You can get information and support and knowledge.  You can find comfort and warmth and a sense of peace that you are understood here.  So welcome.  You are noticed