Be More Than

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jul 10, 2018

~~Don't fall for what this silly world says about you.~~  Unknown


And the world says a lot.  It labels you a smoker.  It labels you a failure.  It labels you a serial quitter. 

Well, I say that's just so silly!  And I challenge you to be more than what they say....because you ARE so much more!!  You're a warrior, battling an addiction.  You're an adventurer, delving into a new, smoke free world.  You're an artist, creating a smoke free world. 

I hear some of you say that you don't have a supportive family or spouse or anyone who thinks you can 'actually quit smoking this time'.  Just as you are letting go of smoking, let go of those who reflect the negative you are trying to rid yourself of.  You are more than what they think.

You are better than any negative thought of others.  You are better than your own negative thoughts. 

No one deserves to be a smoker.  No one deserves to struggle with addiction.  No one deserves illness from all this.  No one deserves bad.

So stop listening to this silly talk from a world that simply may not understand recovery.  Just stop.

Gather all your positive support and listen to that.  Gather all your courage and listen to "I can!"  Gather all the light that makes you shine and keep it close, surrounding yourself with a glow so strong that those negative thoughts cannot get through.

You don't deserve to be a smoker.  You don't deserve to be unhappy.  I hope you really, really understand that you can let go of all that because you are so much more than that!! 

Peace and Light to you