Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Dec 9, 2016

~~Decide once and for all to have an extraordinary life.~~  Unknown

You can't do that by smoking.  There is the guilt of doing something you know your family and friends wish you would stop.  There is the sense of isolation from loved ones.  There is the stolen time from those who long for your presence.  There is sadness, maybe, and confusion because you can't seem to quit.

So many negative, hurtful emotions on a habit that you won't let go of.  I say "won't" instead of "can't" because it's true.  If I can quit and she can quit and they can quit and the crowd can quit, so can you.  You won't when you decide that you can't.  You won't when you think that it's impossible for you.  You won't when you allow yourself to feel helpless and stay there.

But you can.  You can decide that you won't smoke.  You can decide that you are worth it.  You can decide that you will be dam*ed if you will let nicotine get the best of you.  You can decide that nothing will make you smoke again.  You can.

And I hope you will.  I hope you will find it within you to do what is best for your body and your mind and your life.  I hope you will love yourself enough.  I hope you will realize that there will never be another you and the world needs you here....healthy, strong, and in control of what you put into your body.

Have an extraordinary life, my friend.  Free of addiction.  You deserve it.