The Power

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Oct 29, 2016

~~Open your heart to the power that is you.~~  Unknown

I knew someone who tried to quit smoking forever.  She was a good person but felt that life was against her.  And it could be harsh, I admit.  Her husband hit her, she was left with three little children to raise alone, she rose to challenges only to be beaten down by life's brutalities.  Her family was extremely negative, she never learned to stand on her own two feet, and when she taught herself how, life would throw her another curve.  So she quit, smoked, quit, smoked, and quit again....only to smoke again.

Once she quit for about 18 months.  She was doing well, she thought, only to pick them up once again after a brutal attack left her bruised, broken, and back at square one.

No one would fault her for her feelings.  She was a victim over and over again.  Domestic violence, rape, black sheep of the family, severe medical issues....the list, her list, went on and on.

One day she looked at the cigarette in her hand and had had enough.  She talked to her true friends...those who supported her through everything.  And she really listened to what they had to say.  About her.  That she was more than her problems.  That she had choices no matter what life threw at her.  That she was brilliant, kind, smart, and deserved so much more than what she allowed herself to have.

A warrior was born that day.  She challenged life...she challenged those who would keep her down...she challenged herself.  She dared her addiction to do it's worst as she put them down forever, knowing--deep in her heart knowing---she was done with smoking.  She was done thinking she didn't deserve better.  She was done thinking she was a victim.

So she is no longer a victim.  No longer smoking.  No more negativity driving her life.  She is in the driver's seat and is doing beautifully.  Her life is full of joy and gladness and appreciation and wonder. 

I am not at all ashamed to say she is me.  1243 days without smoking and without once allwoing life to get the best of me.  I can get through anything and yes, life continues to challenge me at times.  But no victim here.  I have opened my heart to the power that is me....and I like it :)

You can quit.  I know it.  All you have to do is know it as well.