One Thousand Stories of Potential

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Sep 2, 2016

~~Remember that you are more than skin and bones.  You are one thousand stories of before.  One thousand stories of potential.  One thousand stories you have yet to see and know and feel and breathe.  There is more to come.  And it's something beautiful.~~Victoria Erikson

Of course it's important to quit smoking for your physical health.  It's vital, as a matter of fact.  But some people are physically here on earth but live on the fringes of life....hidden away, skulking quietly in the shadows, skimming silently over the crowd while never making sound.

It could be shyness.  It could be poor social skills.  It could be that they never learned how valuable they are.  I know that feeling of ackwardness and I've lived the shy life myself.  What's more, smoking allowed me to sit on the sidelines, withdrawn and alone in my addiction.

But when you quit smoking, not only are you saving your physical health, you are allowing those one thousand stories of potential to spring to life!  One thousand stories you have yet to see and know and feel and breathe.  Life is brought into focus when you quit.  The colors entice you...the aromas enchant you....the pulse of life itself promises adventure.

So put down what is limiting you and enter what is promising to be the adventure of a lifetime!!  Allow life to grab you by the hand and dance with you!!  Don't be stopped by fears or hesitations or a longing for what you are leaving behind.  Because truly what you are leaving behind is isolation, limitations, and certain death.

I hope you choose life.  I hope you choose to live those one thousand stories.  I hope you dance with life and feel the sheer glory, joy, and happiness that has been waiting just for you......