Dear You

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Aug 1, 2016

~~Dear Me,

I forgive you.  I forgive you for not knowing everything, for not being perfect, for stumbling, being afraid, making mistakes, choosing poorly, and not thinking you were worthy of happiness.

You were wrong.  You are more than worthy of your own affection.  I forgive you.

Love, Me  ~~


It's time to stop.  To stop beating yourself up for not quitting when you should have.  For being less than you wanted to be.  For feeling weak and weary and afraid.

Not just because you can't change the past.  But because you deserve peace.  You deserve to look ahead with hope rather than hold on to yesterday with regret.  You deserve all the love and kindness and joy that you refused to allow yourself to have while you smoked the days into a gray fog.

So let it go, my friend.  Release all the shame...the regret....the sadness of the past.  Accept that you can't change what was.  And know that whatever happened in your yesterdays, you still deserved happiness.  You still deserved love.  You still deserved life.  And if you refused all those things yesterday, make today the day you accept them.

Smoking took away so much from us.  And we can't change that.  But don't allow it to continue to take from you now that you are quit.  You are so much better than that.  You deserve so much better.

Happy Monday, all!!  May today be the day you start to feel peace.