I Made Her Cry

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Jan 23, 2015

I made someone cry yesterday.  It wasn't intentional and I wasn't mean but she cried anyway.  And I am only telling you this because her tears reminded me of something that I thought everyone already knew.

You HAVE to take good care of yourself!!  You sometimes have no control over what stresses you out (you can't control an irrational boss, for example") but you can get through any kind of stress if you feel good about you, if you are getting enough sleep, and you are getting the nutrients you need to function.

As this woman cried yesterday, most things I asked had her tearing up even more.  What did she do for herself each day?  How did she relax?  What did she enjoy doing most?  Who gave her a hug when she needed one?  Simple things that help us get through the day, right?  Well, she felt she had no time to herself.  No time to do things she liked to do, and no one who even thought to hug her. 

I told her to make a list of the things she enjoyed...whether it was watching a sunset, having a hot cup of tea in the mornings, or reading a good book.  Make a LIST, not just one or two activities.  And every day she should choose one thing to do.  Of course there is time!  But she needs to make herself a priority rather than an afterthought. 

So, why am I telling you this?  When I read these blogs, sometimes I read how someone is stressed.  Someone is frustrated.  Someone is going through traumatic times.  But I seldom read how someone is taking the time to truly care for themselves.  You can't stop the withdrawal symptoms or the cravings as you stop smoking.  You can't always stop the stress that seems to increase 100% when you stop smoking (note I said SEEMS to increase!).  But by taking good care of you each step of the way, you will feel that you can get through all the icky parts of quitting.  I thought I would assist you by giving you 10 simple steps to self-care (don't know who to credit with these):

1.  If it feels wrong, don't do it.

2.  Say EXACTLY what you mean.

3.  Don't be a people pleaser.

4.  Trust your instincts.

5.  Never speak bad about yourself.

6.  Never give up on your dreams.

7.  Don't be afraid to say no.

8.  Don't be afraid to say yes.

9.  Be kind to yourself.

10.  Let go of what you cant control.

I am able to keep in contact with the lovely woman who was crying.  She only needs support and someone to guide her into remembering that she matters to the world as much as her children, her husband, her boss, and her clients matter.  I would like to hear from people here about what you do for yourself daily to feel healthy, strong, and confident.  Because healthy, strong, confident people can get through the toughest of times without smoking or hurting themselves in any way.  I may not know you, but I care that you realize you matter enough to care for yourselves.

Wishing you happiness, health, and courage!


ps:  This will be my last blog.  I am not the best person to offer advice and I don't write clearly stated blogs that brilliantly illustrate everything you need to know about quitting.  I will be here to read, to converse one on one, and to encourage where I can.