Today I Feel Joy

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Nov 10, 2014

~~I am no artist but today I will color.  I understand no rhythm but today I will dance.  I will let myself surrender all control and feel joy.~~  Unknown


Happy Monday!!!  What a lovely day to quit smoking :)  What a beautiful day to keep your quit :)  And what a gorgeous day to be alive.

What to know a secret?  I still get stressed sometimes.  I still feel negative emotions.  But rather than craving a cigarette......I crave a hug.  A kind word.  A smile.  When I feel negative, I simply crave something positive.  And I love that!!

So today, try to replace those negative things.....stress, anger, frustrations....with positives.  A gentle touch, a laugh, a kind word.

And feel the joy of your quit!!  You smell wonderful!!!  You look amazing!!!  You can breath, you can smell, you can taste all the marvelous things the world has to offer.  Today, feel the joy. 

Do a little dance......sing a little song......giggle.  Hug.....smile.....cartwheel.  Truly feel the joy of your quit.  So when you feel stressed, you can pull out the positives you feel today....and do them again when needed.

I am so proud of you all!!!  I am proud of me!!  And I love Mondays :) 

Dancing today,