Some Things Are Worth Cheering About

Blog Post created by Dancingthrulife_6.4.13 on Sep 25, 2013

I've been sick these past four days and so I missed Bee Jay's 50 day anniversary.  She was probably relieved but some things are really worth cheering about.  This is one of them.

For those who don't know me or Bee Jay....it doesn't matter.  Picture friendship undeterred by miles or face to face contact.  The strength of the friendship is priceless to me.  When it came to quitting smoking, however, I did it quietly and alone.  Not because Bee Jay wouldn't have cheered for me....she would have.  But I needed to be quiet, be focused, and set my course.  And so I did,

Bee Jay's quit is pure...well...Bee Jay.  I admire her, I recognize her strength, and I wish I had half her courage.  Her quit, even if I missed her 50 days, is well worth cheering about today.  She's just that kind of person.  Her quit didn't come easy, I don't think, but it's here and that's what matters.

Proud of you, my friend!  And so very honored to be considered a friend.  Stick it out another 50+ and see what happens.  Life is an exciting journey, isn't it?!!

Before I forget, something I wrote long ago that reminds me of Bee Jay.....she colors outside the lines =)

Just Color Outside the Lines

There's music and magic and promise around
the roses and thorns and the vines,
Dance boldly, sing loudly, breathe deeply and then
just color outside the lines.

Be courageous, take chances, laugh often out loud
Feel pretty and brave and feel proud.
See the rainbows and sunlight and the colors of life that are
courageous, artistic and loud.

Live hopeful, live faithful, and live with the truth that
each path will be colored with hues
Of loves lost and loves found and loves not yet touched
by anything other than blues.