Blog Post created by Crunkgrinder on Apr 30, 2014

I know the sites general attitude towards e-cigarettes and I don't use them but has anyone ever gotten personally attacked for saying e-cigs are not quit smoking tools? I've figured out that I should keep my comments to myself because those who use or support e-cigarettes like worship them. Apparently no one cares about the addiction itself. I am told that they save lives and are completely harmless (and even if we find out one day that they aren't, they are still safer than regular cigarettes). So I have stopped saying anything because usually someone will scream at me for talking badly about something that has "quite literally saved his/her life".

Yet these people continue to vape with no intentions of quitting and call themselves ex smokers. Is it wrong that that offends me? That I did not take the easy way out and I actually beat the addiction 315 days ago yet they say they quit when they still inhale nicotine (probably more than they had before) on a daily basis? I mean, I get it, they can breathe better and have more energy but they still talk like smokers. They still have the mind of an addict which means they are stubborn as can be but they still put that little electric powered stick before everything important in their lives without realizing it.

And then they claim to like the e-cig. It's a "social thing". It's "fun and harmless". It "makes them look like a tool in public buildings" (okay I made that one up but I have always found that obnoxious). It's sad that I can't get them to realize that they don't need any nicotine to constantly have in their pockets (whether you need to make sure you have a lighter or a full battery) and you don't have to throw the money at them. The liquid is pretty cheap but they don't last forever and you have to replace certain parts on a regular basis.


And if anything else, I still don't trust the safety and I'm afraid if someone blows it in my face that their will be nicotine floating around in the vapor and that scares me to death. I don't want anyone to bring that crap into my house no matter how harmless. They can go outside if its 0 degrees or 110.