Blog Post created by chuck-2-20-2011 on Jun 18, 2013

Good morning Exer's!

I hope all is well. Me, I'm doing great! Living life free of the slavery of addiction. But there was once a time when I wasn't free. There was once a time that I was a slave to my own ridiculous belief that there was really no reason to quit smoking. My addict within and myself took comfort in the self induced lies that allowed us to continue doing what we all know is the wrong thing to do.

The addiction remains comfortable until the first time that thought of quitting enters our minds. This is the first time that we experience the addict within and realize that this part of our brains isn't going to make quitting easy. And then when we not only think about quitting but actually decide to do so well, this is when the internal conflict becomes more then just a thing in the background. This is when the internal conflict becomes the screaming tantrum that only an addiction can play in our minds.

And yes, this is when the fear begins. Fear of changing our lives. Fear of the withdrawals. Fear of the unknown for we can never really understand what quitting is like until we actually do it. And so as each of these internal obstacles are faced, we begin a journey like no other.

We begin a journey that will effect us for the rest of our lives. And yes, the first steps can be the hardest and yet to know that it's worth it gives us the strength to continue on. To create yet another smoke free day. And so long as we can keep the addict within at bay with constant commitment and a belief in ourselves then gradually the journey gets easier.

Sure, there might be ups and downs along the way but so what. There might be doubts in ourselves and this can be a tough thing to fight through. For me, each day became a stepping stone to the next. I woke each morning and first faced the fact that yes, I am an addict. But then I'd smile with the next thought and that thought was my mantra. I simply told myself each morning that because of my efforts today, I'm building a bright future to look forward to. Kind of like saving money in the bank for something you really want.

And then I would spend my days thinking of just how badly I wanted to shed the shackles of addiction. How badly I wanted to taste the freedom that I knew was waiting for me. And you know what? It was all worth it. Every single discomfort that in the end made me stronger. Every little fight I won with myself to stay smoke free. Every single crave that had to be lived before I could be rid of them.

Looking back, it doesn't seem that hard but I know that this is in hindsight. This is yet another thing that I will never forget. That on those first days it is hard and yet doable so long as we are completely committed to a future of life and freedom. We all have to face that hard part to get to where so many of us are now.

So always try to remember that what's happening to you now as you start on this journey is indeed temporary. Always look to that future that you so badly want to see. To the day when you too can look back and smile for you see, had you not lived those discomforts before then there would be no freedom now.

Onward to freedom and your new wonderful life!!