Day 223 - Oh What a Feeling!

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Oct 3, 2011

Hello all! Sorry I’ve been a bit absent as of late. I’ve just been starting so many projects and have had to budget my time the best that I can. But the main thing is that I’m still smoke free and I believe that I always will be!


To me this generates some excitement. You see, there’s nothing better then the feeling you get when you win a monumental battle against yourself and the harmony begins to once again build inside. Truly it can feel like a long battle when we first decide that the day has come to quit smoking. That’s because we’ve just begun to wage a war like no other because you see, this war is not fought with missiles or with armor. No, this war is fought within ourselves. It’s a war that no one can really see and yet it’s still there.


It’s a fight that takes us to the deepest depths of our souls simply because we have to rip out the tentacles of our addictions and they run so deep within us that it just takes a bit of work, determination and a belief in ourselves to win. It takes a desire to see a world that is different then the one we have lived for so long.




At times it seems silly to think that this task should be so hard but the reality of it is that it can be one of the hardest things we might ever do in our lives! But it’s important to remember that it’s also one of the most rewarding things that we can do in so many ways. The most obvious being the improvement in our health. But it’s the part that runs deeper that’s almost missed. This is where so many of our rewards lie for you see, we have to do so many things in order to beat our addictions.


We have to dig deep inside of ourselves where we find courage and strength. The place where our true self resides. The place that can’t be touched. The place that can only be felt. Because we have to dig so deeply within ourselves we discover rewards we’d have never thought we might find. We discover a kind of resolve that’s never been felt before. We feel things more deeply because we must always be in touch with our thoughts, motivations and feelings when we quit. We find happiness in ways that we’d never tried to find it before.


So never believe that the journey is without virtue. Never believe that you can’t win this battle and most of all, always remember that the traits you discover in order to win stay with you. Truly, your life changes into a more beautiful life. You feel good about yourself and in the end you realize that if you can do this then you can do anything you set your mind to!


So look to the future where your rewards lie. Remember that each day that you do not smoke is a day of accomplishment. It’s a day of freedom and it’s a day of strength that will build one upon the other until there is no doubt within you that you will never smoke again! This really does happen with time. We really do become nonsmokers and not just in thought. No, we become nonsmokers in reality.


So hang in there. Wake up each morning with a belief in yourself. Fight the good fight and never look back to those sad days when you thought you would never quit. Living in the past can do you no good right now. Your accomplishment lies in the future. Your love for life lies in your future. Your happiness lies in the future. Those first hard days will soon be a part of that past and this in itself causes one to look ahead. It causes one to find that place that they so badly want to find.


That place is created by one thing. Freedom! And oh what a feeling that freedom is. So look ahead to that day when you too will feel that freedom. Look ahead to the day that you can at last say that you really did take your life back. In the mean time look to those who have already lived this new world of the nonsmoker. Look to those who understand your hardships, fears and who understand all to well what freedom really feels like.


For these are a people who can attest to the fact that it really feels good. These are the one’s who can attest to the fact that it is indeed all worth it. These are the ones who can remind you that what your feeling now is only a temporary situation that will pass. These are the ones who have thrown the ropes down to you from the very slopes of Mt. Freedom simply because we all want to see you standing on the top with us, waving the banner of freedom high over your head! So go for it! Never look back and never give in!!