Day 121 - Out of the frying pan and into the fire!

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Jun 22, 2011

As I progress onward, it seems that things are becoming more normal to me. The urges when I get them are becoming just a normal part of life. Still, I look to the day when they are mostly gone. Actually, they are mostly gone!


This is the time when the journey changes just a little. You see, I’ve walked out of no man’s land and have entered the realm on the other side. And what do I see? That I still must walk a wary path! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a horrible situation. Just one where I must be careful. I really do see myself as a nonsmoker and yet I know it’s not quite over yet.


There’s still a bit more to do to complete the mission of freedom. This could be a very sensitive time in my quit for you see even though the world has formed into one without cigarettes in it, I must still watch for the phantom memory to pop up. I haven’t yet lived a full year as a nonsmoker and as such I will still find times when the memories will create these phantom urges.


Until I’ve lived every experience that has been tied to smoking in the past, I still must be cautious. I must still hold onto my resolve. Don’t get me wrong, I’m loving this new life of mine. I can smell things better and taste things like never before! I can breathe fully and my body is just full of newfound energy! My mind is clear of the clutter that an addiction can fill it up with and this allows more room for some serious if not fascinating thoughts.


Now that I’ve been through the fire, I see each day with a new passion. At times it reminds me of soaring to the heavens like an Eagle! I can feel a love for life like never before. Quitting has transformed me into what I always wanted to be. Free!!!


That’s right, though I must still be wary, I am indeed free. This my friends is the prize that we all wish to attain! I can tell all of you that have taken jonescarps 130 day challenge that it is indeed worth making it to that day. I still have 9 days to go but I can already feel the freedom. I can feel the last of the tentacles of my addiction being pulled from me. I can feel a life on the other side and I want to tell you it’s so very worth the hardships that we must face to get there.


It’s worth all of those days when we must train ourselves for that new life. It’s worth it because as I’ve always said, "What you do today will determine your future!". In fact, I remind myself of this fact every time I get up in the morning. This strengthens me and reminds me of why I’m doing this. For the future!!


So keep going my friends! Keep up the good fight. Never give up and never give in! I want to see all of you standing on the summit of Mt. Freedom with me. So every time you feel an urge, shake it off. Every time you think you might give in, stick something besides a cigarette into your mouth. Every time you think this journey isn’t worth it, look to your new future that is just over the horizon for once you take that first step and tell yourself that you are no longer a smoker, this is indeed the first step towards freedom.


Sure, it’s a fight. Sure, it can seem miserable at times but in the end it all passes. In the end it becomes a memory. All it takes is the passage of time and before you know it, you too will be shouting from the mountaintop, urging all those behind you onward to the summit. Waving that banner of freedom for all to see and throwing ropes down to ease the climb!!


So though I may still be in the fire, it’s really not to hot here. No, it’s more of a comforting fire for it is indeed the fire of my future. It’s just the way it is on the other side when we have at last decided that we deserve our freedom. Once we realize that we’ve earned it! So keep climbing. Scratch your way to that summit. I can’t wait to see you there for the view is spectacular!!


Onward into the future I created yesterday!!