Day 21 - Random thoughts

Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Mar 14, 2011

So often when we seek to find a kind of peace in our lives. Uncomfortable situations are something that as humans we try to avoid, even when we know that the condition that is uncomfortable may be a situation that obviously needs to be corrected.

This can cause us to seek other answers. To avoid the problem who’s solution may create a temporary discomfort within us. We look in every direction to find a more suitable answer. One that doesn’t involve discomfort. At times there is no solution but to face the uncomfortable situation head on. There’s just no other way out of it.

This is when our mind begins fighting with itself. It’s so much easier to just continue on as before and avoid the discomfort. It’s so easy to forget the original resolve that brought us to this decision and at times to even forget the decision itself. This is when we have to win a battle with ourselves. We have to come to an agreement that we will face this uncomfortable situation head on. We will do what’s right for ourselves.

This is the moment that we not only think we’ll quit smoking but actually believe that this will happen. Once we have that acceptance within ourselves, it frees our minds and allows us to learn what might be the best way to get through this situation that we have to face. It gives us the freedom to look ahead at a world where there are no cigarettes.

This is when we seek to loose our addiction. This is when we decide that the temporary discomfort is worth the results. And then the day comes and we take a deep breath and begin our journey. The days seem hard at first as the mind battles the mind for control of the body. We wonder if we’ll give in or if we can fight to the end. The days go by and we begin to feel a little more confident in our ability to say no to ourselves.

Saying no becomes a reality that we realize we can achieve as we continue to fight ourselves. This is when we realize that we’ll never really loose our addiction. When we make this realization, this is the time to be very careful for we can loose our resolve, believing that it would be easier to give in then it would be to fight. This is an internal struggle that many of us must face I believe. It’s the moment that we must face a reality in our lives. One that we may not be comfortable with but one that must be completed.

But it does get easier as time passes. It does get easier when we realize that though the body has ended it’s withdrawals, we still feel the craves. We still feel the urges. This is when we realize that the final phase of winning against our addiction is embedded not within our bodies but within our minds. For the physical part is over. Still, the mental struggle lasts a bit longer. This is the part that gets easier with time I think. As we spend each day not smoking, our minds slowly accept the new reality of our lives.

And in the end we must realize that what we are really fighting is our mental perception of the world. We’re fighting urges that are only within the mind. And once we realize this, there is hope for we now understand what we’re really fighting. We understand that the urges now belong in the realm of the mind. And we realize that the mind can be changed with time, patience and a belief in ourselves.

So we really never lose our addiction. No, there’s a part of the mind that will always crave a cigarette. But over time I believe that the mind will accept a new reality. The mind will find peace. All it takes is a new perception of the world. A new way to look at things. A new perception of life itself without cigarettes.