Blog Post created by Chuck_Quit_2-20-2011 on Feb 26, 2011

Perception is something that our minds create for us, and a lot of times it’s how we see things that really matter. For instance, some would see a winter storm as a nuisance.

But rather then look at the discomforts of the winter storm, I tend to look at it a little different. I see the snow flakes that remind me of how different we all are as humans and yet we, like the snow can lay down that same blanket of beauty when we merge together, forming a beautiful scene that would captivate all who saw it.

I see the majestic snow capped peaks of the Rockies poking their heads out of the clouds and shimmering in the sunlight as the storm clears, reminding me that for many there is hope just over the horizon and that this hope can always carry us through no matter how bad it might seem.

I see the pine trees covered in the beautiful white powder that has chosen to fall upon them, reminding me that things do not always happen to us by choice but rather by the hand that nature deals us.

I see the little snow caves that the snow drifts create, reminding me of a kind of warmth that lives even in the darkest of days. A place of peace and beauty that we as humans could never create and yet at times we can live this very wonder simply by believing.

I see the shapes and designs that the snow brings us as it falls to the ground and this reminds me of how a seeming chaos can create a world of wonder.

So once again I must say that for me it’s not really what happens to us that matters so much as how we perceive those things. What matters most is what we can bring out of the problems that live in our lives. Pearls of wisdom to guild us through the rest of our days.

I perceive myself as a non smoker. A person who is winning a hard fought battle to come out on the other side and perceive the world as it really is yet free of the shackles of my addiction.

How do you perceive yourselves?