Activities you can do to keep yourself busy instead of smoking

Blog Post created by Christine_Aka_Legend on Apr 4, 2016

Activities you can do to keep yourself busy instead of smoking




1.     Make a list of all the things you want because now you have extra money from not smoking to spend.


2.     Go to the beach and relax.


3.     Sit outside and watch the birds, squirrels, deer whatever you have around your house and have a beverage while relaxing.


4.     Do an online puzzle. 


5.     Learn tai chi you can find dvd’s online at to learn how to do this.


6.     Take your dog to dog training classes.


7.     Take a drive in the country you can take water, healthy, snacks, gum, and mints with you.


8.     Make some sugar free jello with fruit in it. (yum yum)


9.     Go to a lake and relax.


10.   Go for a bike ride around the neighborhood.


11.   Play tennis with someone.


12.   Take a sewing class if you don’t know how to sew.


13.   Look around online for new recipes you would like to make.


14.   Go over to you can be entertained at that place a long time.


15.   Watch some TV ( I record shows I could always watch again if I get bored)


16.   Go fishing.


17.   Play with your dog in the yard throw a ball around and see if they want to play.


18.   Meditate if you don’t know how you can find guided meditation cd on


19.   Take a cruise ship vacation.


20.   Play pool.


21.   Horseback riding.


22.   Weight lifting.


23.   Play a board game with someone.


24.   Go out to eat at your favorite restaurant.


25.   Go to the rifle range and practice shooting.


26.   Go to sea world or Disney world if you are close to one.


27.   Play volleyball.


28.   Go to the park and have a picnic.


29.   Go jogging in a safe area.


30.   Scuba diving.


31.   Go to a concert.


32.   Go to a football, hockey, basketball, baseball game.


33.   Flea markets are fun. 


34.   Zip lining.


35.   Get into a paintball tournament.


36.   Learn to play a guitar and play for family and friends.


37.   Learn martial arts.


38.   Be a volunteer somewhere.


39.   Have a cookout with friends just tell them no smoking around you.


40.   Ice skating.


41.   Motor cycle racing.


42.   Get on Facebook and talk to friends, family and play games.


43.   Go water skiing.


44.   Learn some jokes to tell to your friends.


45.   Go to a place with your friends that have karaoke.


46.   Go hunting.


47.   Learn archery.


48.   Play hacky sack circle. You can learn how to play hacky sack circle on


49.   On the weekends drive around and go to garage sales sometimes you find something really cool to buy.


50.   Learn some magic tricks to amaze your family and friends. You can go to and type in the search bar magic tricks you can learn and presto you can find a lot of video’s to teach you magic.