Happy 1st Year Quit To Me, Merry Christmas To The Rest of You!

Blog Post created by Christine12252016 on Dec 24, 2017

Midnight tonight makes my first full year of quitting. Not One Puff Ever did I take!  Woohoo!

After about 40 years of complete addiction to the nasty cigarettes/nicotine.

Most days are a breeze, don't even think of them. But once in a while, still get the urge.

Which brings me to a question, maybe someone can answer.


Is it nicotine I crave when I have an "urge"? Or could it be OXYGEN? 

Which might explain why deep breathing helps.

Anyone know?

I haven't read it anywhere, but have been wondering lately.

I suppose I could have Googled it, but nahh, just ask you guys. 


I'm pretty geeked about having made it a year now. You all have been a great support contributing to my success. THANK YOU!! And,