777 Days!

Blog Post created by Bonnie on Feb 23, 2020

Seven is my favorite number. I live at Space 43 in my park; when I bought my little tin can, I considered it a good sign.  Today was a great day.  My best friend's family is selling her family home and I got a beautiful iron bed from her to put on my porch.  It is extremely heavy, solid iron, not like those day beds that are basically tubing.  Her son was kind enough to break it down, trailer it to my place and set it up.  I love being outside and always wanted a sleeping porch. Now I have one!  Some mosquito netting and I'll be good to go this summer.  When the Delta breeze kicks in around sunset, I can be outside, enjoying it! She also gave me the yellow "palm tree" outdoor lamp that you can barely see behind the headboard. These were both completely unexpected free gifts...

I fell in love with the bed when I first saw it, with its birds and ivy--just my style--but had no idea at the time it would become mine.  Life has been incredibly bountiful lately...


Two people in two different scenarios told me today I had a beautiful voice.  No one has ever told me that in my whole life.  When my aunt was dying and I was singing to her to ease her pain, my mother told me to be quiet, that I was singing off key.  That was a few decades ago, but it affected me... until my mother died.  And then I would only sing at home, or in church, or then sometimes with the singing group here at the park.  I stopped going to the singing group because it's the same night as my granddaughter's gymnastics class and she really appreciates me being there.  I do sing in church and sing as loudly as I want.  The young Worship Team leader, who is fairly new, said she always looked at me when she was in front of the congregation.  That made me feel good.  I love her choices of music and had a secret desire to join her up front.  We don't have a choir; there is just Mia with her guitar, one of two women playing the piano, one of two young men who play guitar, a drummer, and one of two mature women who sing with Mia.  I wanted to be one of those women, but didn't know how to go about asking.  Well, after the first of the year, an email went out asking for volunteers.  Sunday school teachers, greeters, and new members of the Worship Team (the music team).  I thought about it for a couple of weeks and decided to take the plunge.  I went to my first meeting this morning and am going to sing tomorrow at church.  I am excited and nervous.  The people who told me I had a beautiful voice have nothing to do with the music team.  But hearing that from two different sources sure did help my confidence and relieve my anxiety a bit.  I still will be nervous, but won't be thinking that I sing offkey (my mother was a little deaf, which may have made a difference to what she heard).

Anyway, life is quite good these days...I'm stepping out and doing things I've never done before and I sure am glad I quit smoking.  If my voice is a gift God gave me, then I certainly wasn't taking good care of it by sucking on cancer sticks.

All I want to do is enjoy tomorrow and not trip going up and down the stairs to the stage . Say a prayer for me, please!